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I was putting in 12-hour days at the office.  When I got home it was all I could do to keep
myself from falling asleep right on my front door step without even getting into the house.  
Then I’d drag myself up to my bed and pass out for a quick six or seven hours of sleep,
then get up to do it all over again.  
One Saturday night I had the opportunity to distinguish myself to some business
colleagues and a couple potential customers at a private dinner at my house.  I had
everything ready, I even hired a small catering service to prepare the dinner.  Everything
was going to be perfect, or so I thought!
One by one my guests arrived and I graciously welcomed them to my home and asked
them inside.  I poured them a drink while we waited for the rest of the dinner party to arrive.
“What a lovely home,” I heard one of the ladies whisper to her husband.
After the caterer told me that dinner was prepared I showed my guests into the dinning
room and let everyone take a seat.  The table was immaculate and the food was
delicious.  The talk around the dinner table ranged from current affairs to what was on the
late show the night before.
After the meal we settled down in the living room to discuss some business.  After about
thirty minutes one of the Bigwigs that I had invited excused himself to use the restroom.  
That’s when by business partner leaned over and whispered in my ear half chuckling,
“What’s wrong can’t get the ole lady to do windows?”
“What,” I asked?
John pointed to the front bay windows.
I turned my head and my jaw dropped open; the windows were filthy!  As I looked at the
other windows I could see from the living room, I saw some windows that I still hadn’t
taken the winter storm windows off of.  My sheer embarrassment was almost more than I
could bear.  When the client came back I stood up and moved so that as my guest were
talking to me they couldn’t see any windows.
The rest of the night seemed to go ok, but I just don’t know if those filthy windows made
that wrong impression.  I couldn’t take that risk again; I had another dinner like that one in
a couple weeks.  My schedule is far too busy to take care of all those windows; I didn’t
even own a ladder that would reach the second story ones.  
That’s when I went searching for a professional.
I looked through the phone book but just because a company has a nice yellow page add
doesn't mean they can clean windows like a pro.  So not sure where to turn next I asked
my neighbor.
My neighbor didn't even need to think twice about it, "That's easy, I've been using Royal
Window Cleaning for almost twelve years!"
"So you like their work?"
"Oh yeah, they've been doing work for me for years."
"So you'd recommend them?"
"Of course they've always done great work and treated me fairly!  In the fall they've put my
storm windows on then in the spring they'll come back out and take them down and get
the windows sparkling.  They save me a lot of work that I just don't want to do.  A couple of
years ago I asked Steve if he'd be willing to clean out my gutters for me and he said sure,
his crew got it done in about one tenth the time it took me to do it."
"Do you have their number?"
"Sure let me go get it."

I'm pretty sure you are like me, working more hours than you'd like and you just don't have
the time necessary to spend on those routine, annoying chores you need to do to make
your biggest investment look like a million bucks.
Take it from me, in 30 days you're going to have two things; one, you're going to be thirty
days older, and Two, your windows are going to have 30 more days of built up grime on
them.  DON'T let your home windows make you look bad.  
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